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Aesthetic surgery's purpose is to improve the aesthetic aspect of the human body meaning either the correction of some morphological deficiencies, or the removal of the aging signs. Thereby, every individuality has the possibility to follow his destiny cleared by the constrainings of an imperfect body, once he recreates himself after his own desires. Because of the costliness , this type of surgery is often asociated with a high life quality standard, but we have to admit that beauty and the access to a fulfilling life are inestimable.

An aesthetic surgery can boost your personal confidence and you can get read of your complexes. It has been noticed that people with a better personal image are more efficient in their job. The pacients who choose to talk with our specialists in order to make these kind of surgeries are healthy persons who wish to improve their life quality by personal or social-professional reasons. With a little help, you too can positive interact with others gaining more assurance (personal confidence) in your actions.

There are no miraculous surgeries, but the precision of the surgery, the surgeoun's experience, the technique, the medical equipment and the constitutional individual particularities raises the chance of the success to certain and satisfying levels. The pacient expectations and the actual possibilities given by the surgeoun have to meet on a common field to adequately balance the risks and the benefits of an eventually body reconstruction. Equipped with a solid experience in reconstructive surgery area, Prof. Stamate Teodor M.D., Ph.D. is the perfect aesthetic surgeoun to assume these risks, certifying (granting) the safety and the success of the surgery.

Once you have decided to choose aesthetic surgery, you will be informed by the specialist about the details of the proposed strategy of the surgery, about the advantages, the disadvantages and also the possible complications, so that you can take the right decision knowing all the facts. During the initial consultation, the surgeoun will evaluate the pacient's general health followed by the necessary investigations required before the surgery.

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